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Tennis Joomla Theme
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Description : Once an aristocratic hobby for a select few, tennis has evolved into one of the most practiced sports in the world. The Tennis Joomla 1.5 template by ThemZa will help both old time fans and new admirers of the game establish a tennis fan club web page or adorn their existing one with new web design apparel. It includes two sidebars, a quick JavaScript-based drop-down navigation bar, a predefined bottom area where you can display various tennis-related links, a site-wide banner area featuring an exalted player who has just scored a decisive point, and a 2-column central content area where you can clarify the rules of the game, let others in on the specific vocabulary associated with it, focus on trendsetting tennis equipment, apparel and accessories, post Grand Slam tournament recaps, etc. Additionally, you can select from among 3 color (green, blue and red) and 3 logo image variations.
Download : tennis-template

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